Naturally Me Skincare Kit

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

New to Naturally Me Moringa? Don't know where to start?

Here's a few of our customer's favorite products in one box for you to try.

The content of this set is valued at $75+ dollars and you get it for $10! 

Please Note: You will receive some samples of the following products and some of the individual products themselves. These are our customer favorites and what's changing their skin and hair naturally. We promise you that you will love the Naturally Me Moringa Products and they will be life-changing for your skin and body. 

Samples of Product That You'll Receive Included Below

Naturally Me Moringa Soap Handmade SoapYou will receive a sample, not a full bar of this amazing soap that will change your view of ever using any other type of soap again for your face and body.  Value: $7.00

MiracleMoringa Face & Body Oil MIRACLEMORINGA OIL

You will receive several samples, not a full bottle of this amazing oil that will exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin. It's guaranteed to supply your skin with the essential nutrients for healthy and glowing skin. Giving you that luminous look.  Value: $30.00 Naturally Me Hair Growth MORINGA HAIR GROWTH

You will receive a sample, not a full jar but enough to let you know how amazing this hair growth is. Straight from the "Miracle Tree." If you're having trouble with hair growth, breakage, bald spots, lack of nutrients in your hair, etc... You will love this Hair Growth product. Value: $24.95

Naturally Me Moringa Lip Balm MORINGA LIP BALM You will receive a full tube of this lip balm that moisturizes, exfoliates and protects your lips with a sooting healing sensation. It's great for dry, chapped, cold sores, fever blisters, sunburns, and overall lip health. You will love it!  Value: $5.00

Naturally Me Moringa Hand Sanitizer MORINGA HAND SANITIZER

You will receive a full bottle of the Hand Sanitizer that kills the virus and germs but will also leave your hands moist without dryness. You will love it!  Value: $5.95 Naturally Me Moringa Eye Serum MORINGA EYE SERUM You will receive a couple of samples of the Eye Serum that removes puffiness or eye bags. Excellent for dark spots and dark circles. It increases collagen and has anti-aging effects. Restores skin elasticity and rejuvenation.  Value: $19.95

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